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The Importance of Retail Design

The Importance of Retail Design

Good Retail Design is a key component to building a successful salon business. Properly considered retail design has the potential to develop the opportunities within your business. Optimising customer engagement is critical in converting these sales opportunities. Here's an insight into some of the retail design techniques we employ to help clients achieve this:

Brands - Working in partnership with high quality professional haircare brands will add kudos to your brand, highlight a commitment to quality and encourage foot fall into your business. Identifying specialist brands or brands that are under represented locally will help to give your business a point of difference.

Salon journey - Considered Retail Design will help to maximise engagement with retail brands to encourage sales. A good salon journey should ensure customers have exposure to retail brands at every point of their salon experience. A welcoming & engaging retail space offers a commitment-free reason to enter the salon, helping to encourage walk-in trade.

Men's grooming - Appealing to male customers with a carefully displayed men's range creates exciting opportunities to develop this growing sector.

Customer Experiences - Seated consultation & complimentary rituals such as hand/arm massage encourage customer dwell time & interaction with your retail business.

Communication - Clear communication is key to enabling customers to easily navigate the wide array of retail products available. Categorisation and colour coding helps to delineate product groups clearly and concisely.

Visual Merchandising - The art of retail display.....An exciting, interactive display that changes regularly keeps your retail offering fresh and encourages customers to trial different products.

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