Mahash Natural Day Spa - Moscow, Russia

The Natural Day Spa design concept was developed from Mahash's brief to create an urban oasis of calm and relaxation in which Mahash could conduct their premium range of beauty & relaxation therapies. We initially explored a design language inspired by Japanese ZEN design which seemed to compliment the theme of calm & relaxation. We took the simplicity of Japanese design and introduced bold colours complemented by natural materials that conveyed a simple modernist image that provides Mahash with a strong brand identity & point of difference from their competitors.

The store itself is a large space comprising numerous disparate functions, Reis design devised a 'ribbon' ceiling which is designed to lead the customer on a journey of discovery through the building, visually connecting the various functions to aid navigation. Creating the right atmosphere was key to the success of the design, Specialist lighting was considered to help differentiate different functions and to delineate 'energy zones' & 'relaxation zones'. The zoning was further emphasised by utilising a simple frame or 'portal' that elevates the element of discovery when moving from one area to another.

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