TRIBE - Clapham, London UK

Reis created this vibrant Aveda Lifestyle salon concept for TRIBE hair opposite the picturesque common in the heart of Clapham, London UK.
Tribe believe that hairdressing is both an art and a science. The design needed to create an environment where these two disciplines meet.
Paying attention to the small details, the design incorporates technically complex bespoke furniture that allows the talented stylists to perform their work effortlessly while also offering a vibrant environment that inspires stylists to express their artistic vision.

The salon design uses a core palette of simple natural materials & tranquil hues that create a calm, welcoming environment. These are juxtaposed with bold geometric pattern & texture that delineate the different salon functions and create a bold unique identity that expresses TRIBE's unique personality.
We followed our 3 stage salon design process:

Stage 1 - Concept Design
Stage 2 - Detailed Design
Stage 3 - Design Management

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